Adi (adi_dion) wrote in raftersland,

Promoting RaftersLand

Hey all! :)

First of all- thank you guys for signing up! <3
We're really thrilled about this community, that was just a random idea that popped into our minds and we decided to go for it :P

Before we can start with the challenges, we need a few more people to sign up.
Since we don't know many Rafters fans, we'd like to ask you if you can help us promoting the community.
Feel free to promote it on your journals, twitter, tumblr, or just tell your friends if they're also Rafters fans.

You can use the banner I made here if you need one, or make one of your own.

Thanks again, and we're crossing fingers that we will be able to start soon! :)

Laura & Adi.
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